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- An oasis in the middle of Stockholm


Do you want to visit Djurgården. Here you find information about all attractions:


Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter
(The Royal DjurgårdenSociety) - cooperation now and for the future

Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter, KDI, coordinates attractionson Djurgården. Museums, art galleries, entertainmentestablishments, restaurants, and service and traffic companiescooperate, develop and strengthen Djurgården as a place tovisit. Through KDI AB, KDI works operatively with environmentalissues, traffic, marketing, PR, and the coordination of jointactivities.KDI AB has established itself as a player in Stockholm’s touristindustry. The ambition is an increasingly stronger Djurgårdenwhose attractions are appreciated by visitors. A significant partof Stockholm’s strength as a tourist city is Djurgården.

An entertainment paradis for everyone

Djurgården is a rich entertainment and recreational area for theresidents of Stockholm and tourists alike – Sweden’s largest traveldestination of its type. The facilities on Djurgården have over5 million visitors annually with top attendance noted at Skansen,Gröna Lund and the Vasa Museum. In addition, just as many visitorscome for walks and just to enjoy the natural surroundings.Visitors come from the whole world and the diversity of whatis offered means that there is something here for everyone. Anouting to Djurgården can consist of a short culinary break or anentire day packed with activities.